The Bread and Roses Collective House provides a model of cooperative living, ecological sustainability, and affordable housing situations in the heart of the city. We live in two beautiful houses in the Westcott neighborhood in Syracuse, NY. We grow most of our own vegetables June-October, and preserve many types of foods for the winter such as jams, ketchup, salsas, pickles, and tomatoes.

We have a strong commitment to social justice and community participation, with a number of our members involved with local community benefit organizations and initiatives such as Food Not Bombs, The Syracuse Peace Council, Workers’ Center of CNY, Syracuse Jail Ministries and more. We have organized and led workshops on consensus process and democratic decision making, food preservation, composting, bike fixing, making salves and lotions, natural dyes and much more. We also host a number of traveling activists, musicians and culturally creative people passing through or staying in Syracuse. With the addition of a second house to our collective on a busy neighborhood street, we hope to increase our educational and community outreach programs. If you’re interested in applying for Bread and Roses, or just want to learn more, check out our application process.